solo by Mithkal Alzghair

light creation : Philippe Gladieux

sound creation : Mohannad Nasser

outsides eyes : Gilles Amalvi, Min Kyoung Lee, Virgile Riquet

production : Raphaël Dussauchoy

Coproduction : Briqueterie – CDCN du Val-de-Marne, Ballet National de Marseille, Les Subsistances – Lyon and Kampnagel – Hamburg. This work was developed through “Exile Today – Production Residencies for Artists“, an initiative of Kampnagel and Körber-Stiftung.

Supports : Théâtre de la Ville – Paris, CNDC Angers Pays de la Loire, Baryschnikov art center – New York

Clamors is a performance in which human is presented as a figure of a fragmented world…
It is a figurative, sculptural and kinetic research of the body…
An image, a moment, a reality or a metaphor, makes the movement a necessity and a motive to restore the
landscape of debris, fragmentation and cracks… Clamors is a mourning, an image of the world in which
the human is found.
Is it an hypothesis or is it reality? Or is it the two at the same time that make up this landscape of a
civilization whose glass breaks, symbols fall, borders are erased and where the wreckage falls on solid
shoulders, bodies carrying their dead and healing their wounds to a new time and a new birth…
Did the catastrophe occur when now we seek salvation? Or is catastrophe the limit that we fear to reach
and that because of this we cannot imagine? What is the catastrophe? When do we called catastrophe?
And for whom is this a catastrophe? Is the catastrophe defined by a class, a party, an area, a domain, or
even by a specific identification? What constitutes “catastrophe” at the individual, societal or
humanitarian level?
Clamors is a solo, a presentation of the human. I am this solo, this solo is me, it is a self, a self that is part
of a whole and that has been constructed by its journeys in a world where reality, fragmentation and
absurdity are imposed and where the human body is the diary of a life full of questions.