Displacement – 3rd part

Displacement – 3rd part was launched experimentally for the first time at the Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels, in May 2017, during a five-day workshop involving around twenty women of different ages and from different backgrounds. Déplacement – 3rd part is created in collaboration with the organisations involved.

I imagine a group of women dressed completely in black with a very thin white veil: they are looking at us in an attempt to halt us with their gaze. This might give rise to a movement, a hand signal, an invitation to protest or a request for help, a stopping of violence, a V for victory, a farewell or a surrender. Or perhaps all these at the same time.

After working on the two parts of Displacement on the Syrian body, its traditions and its current state, I wanted to highlight women’s voices, which carry within them pacific revolutionary signs. My work is about community, so I wanted to work with non-professionals and to get as close to the reality I am talking about as possible.

Starting out from traditional steps and the interplay of rhythms, the work will centre on the relationships that form within the group. Walking, movements in space and the interaction of interpersonal relations will lead to the construction of images and tableaux of this ephemeral community in exile.

Mithkal Alzghair